Actor. Comedian. Writer. Tiramisu connoisseur.

Looking for a quirky charmer, an earnest rookie, or a serial-killer with a heart of gold? Swipe right.

Born in Manhattan and raised in the midwest, Alex Haynes possesses a unique blend of New York flavor and Kansas charm. 

Hooked already? Alex currently plays J. Finch Off-Broadway in Puffs, and gives voice to several characters on Pokémon The Series: XY and XYZ, available on Netflix. He is also writing, directing, producing, and starring in an online comedy series called “Alex is Black”

Since graduating from the University of Kansas, Alex cut his teeth as an actor and improvisor in Kansas City. Since returning to New York City, Alex completed advanced Improvisation at The Upright Citizens Brigade and performed with various improv groups at UCB, The PIT, and beyond (i.e. smaller theaters and awful bar shows).  He also spent several years as a member of the Bats, the resident acting company at The Flea Theater, where he performed in multiple Mainstage shows, readings, and workshops.

If he's not relaxing with his rescue pit bull Fern, dancing in his kitchen, or playing basketball, you can find Alex on an endless quest to have dessert after every meal. 

"I once split my pants doing a Michael Jackson kick at a wedding-I mean...thanks for visiting my site!" - Alex Haynes